Isle of Skye Sea Salt is a multi-award winning premium quality product made entirely from the pure, clean waters of Loch Snizort on the Isle of Skye.

As well as great provenance, our salt, the first to be made on the Isle of Skye for 300 years, is the only sea salt made in the UK using just the sun and wind.

It is a completely natural, unrefined sea salt made using a single stage evaporation process that ensures that all the minerals and elements found in the sea are retained in the salt. This gives our salt a distinct, robust flavour but without the bitter aftertaste found in more refined salts.

100% Pure Scottish Sea Salt Crystals and nothing else.

— U P D A T E —

We are thrilled to have won an award at the Scottish Retail Food & Drink Awards 2021. Great to be part of this inaugural event for the whole of the Scottish Food Industry. Congrats to all shortlisted & to fellow winners and thank you to Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards.

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Extract from Darcey Bussell's Wild Coasts of Scotland

Footage from Darcey Bussell's Wild Coasts of Scotland, More 4, February 2021.
Correction to film - We have lived on the Isle of Skye for 15 years, not 10 as stated in the film.