Our Story

The Isle of Skye Sea Salt Company was set up in 2011 with the aim of producing a high quality, gourmet sea salt, with minimum impact on the beautiful environment of the Isle of Skye. From the outset, being a sustainable business was central to our ethos.

Director, Chris Watts, utilising his extensive experience in sustainable design developed a solar evaporation process with minimal impact on the environment, using ponds within polytunnels.

Our salt was finally launched into the local market in September 2013 and became available nationally from Spring 2014.

Directors Chris and Meena Watts are delighted that, with its distinctive taste and texture, our sea salt is now enjoyed by many around the world. Other food producers are now increasingly using it to include in their own high quality products.

Multi-award winning, our sea salt has featured in TV programmes (with more on the way!), and countless articles.

'We are so very proud to be part of the Scottish Food and Drink Industry'

Within the first two years of production, we were thrilled to win three prestigious Awards - Great Taste Awards 2014 , the Environment Award at the Highlands and Islands Food and Drink Award 2014 and in 2015 we won a Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Award.These awards are an endorsement of the years of research and hard work undertaken to achieve our ambition to produce a top quality sea salt in a sustainable way.

Since then we have won the Gold Award at the Scotland Speciality Food Show and retained our Great Taste Award, both in 2018.

We were also very pleased to be one of the few Scottish food producers to be nominated to receive the accolade of being entered in to the International Slow Food Movement 'Ark of Taste', which recognises producers who seek to resurrect/re-imagine traditional local foods. Sea Salt was last produced, using salt pans, on the Isle of Skye in the early 1700's on the Sleat peninsula. We have brought it back, but taken production in a new environmentally friendly direction utilising only the sun and wind.

The Highlands and Islands Food & Drink Awards stated:

“This was an excellent submission which really grasped what the Environment Award is all about. It was clear and concise and detailed measurable targets. Although in its infancy, this company has taken care to design in environmental issues across its whole operation from the start. They have developed a great product with great packaging as well as sound environmental credentials.”