Our Process

The water around the Isle of Skye in the northwest of Scotland has been awarded the highest quality classification achievable in the United Kingdom. Skye has an impressively long and indented coastline, and it took us many months to find a location that provided seawater uncontaminated by modern life, yet easily accessible.

Our polytunnels lie tucked into a protective banking directly beside Loch Snizort, exposed to as much of the sun as possible. There is no power on site; the salt crystals are created simply from the interaction of the sun’s rays on the seawater and whilst we can harness this energy we can’t directly control it, and therefore the variation in the size of our crystals results from the weather-dependent evaporation times.

To complete the process, we converted a derelict outbuilding into a workshop where we sort, sieve and pack our salt. All aspects are carried out by hand, from harvesting the crystals to packing.

Our packaging, developed with our designers Felt Studio, fits with our environmental approach and is made with cardboard. The tubes are robust and can be re-used for a variety of purposes and recycled at the end of their life.

Due to our determination to produce the highest quality product in an environmentally responsible way, Isle of Skye Sea Salt is only available in limited quantities.